Mondo Art Gallery is a full service, online marketplace for high-quality, original artworks and limited edition prints made by innovative, Australian artists at the peak of their careers. Predominately unsigned to any one gallery, many of the artists here work on a large-scale, fulfilling a need in any business or home that has a lonely, large space. We work closely with designers, developers and industry leaders to create spaces that connect artistic and company culture. (As well as making private home owners very happy). We work with some of the best fine art printers, framers and installers making any project a smooth and efficient one.

Mondo is a platform for artists who receive a far bigger cut from the sale of their work compared to any standard gallery. We promote their work in multiple ways, not only concerned with margins in mind but a more important notion of exposure and education is at the centre of our business.

The gallery is the idea of Kate Richmond. An artist, who, after finishing a degree in Art History, worked in some of the most renowned galleries in Europe, including the Guggenheim in Venice, the Scottish National Galley and prominent galleries in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. 


After helping run a renowned, large-scale art prize in Melbourne and Sydney in 2008, Kate realised that there existed in Australia, a demand for, and willingness to invest in, large-scale paintings and artworks. In the lead up to now, Mondo has been out scouring the burbs and city haunts for artists and anything MONDO. (She did also learn to make cheese here and abroad in between scouting).

Mondo is on a mission to make everyone see that having one, amazing, large piece is really all you need to create a place of awe. Two is better still. 

Art is a necessity, not a luxury.

We are based in Victoria, Australia but ship worldwide. 

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