Mondo opens its doors

To celebrate the opening of Mondo Art, we had a party. Next time, we will invite you but we didn’t know where to send the invite. 

What’s the big fuss about, I hear you ask?

Mondo Art Gallery is the first of its kind to showcase brilliant, Australian contemporary art that is LARGE. Some of our art measures just over a metre and some is up to four metres in size.

In the future we aim to increase the size of our collection in numbers and in dimensions – and become the destination marketplace for really large artworks.

For now, we welcome submissions from large-scale artists, including muralists, street artists and billboard artists – just about anyone who can look at a large canvas and know how to create a lasting and awe-inspiring impression.

This blog will detail our own stable of large artworks, as well as any large, impressive works from around the world.

To draw our attention to any large-scale artworks, use the #mondo