Drinks with the Artists

Antonio Clemente - musician, teacher, collector, traveller.


How did you come to making Art?

I had always experimented and had a passion of art well before I started a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the University of South Australia. Throughout my years in creating experimental – soundtrack electronica music, I always envisioned a visual experience to accompany the music. In doing so I decided to develop and create background projections of mixed media artworks, which worked extremely well in further expressing and contributing to the ongoing narrative. This process only continued to grow and develop into the artworks I create today.

Are you still playing music?

Can we find it on Spotify? No, I am not playing music at the moment, but will eventually create a soundtrack for the next exhibition.

Since then I continue to develop my skills and knowledge in creating art. From micro hand layered film slide photography, digital and ink prints, to incomplete experiments, the narrative is always ever changing. My travels around the world play a huge part in this ongoing process are evident in a majority of my artworks.

large artwork

Detail from Untitled #1 using micro hand layered film slide photography and mixed media

large artwork

Do you have another profession/job?

I am an art teacher-teaching students from primary up through to year 12 in Adelaide. I teach photography, art and design. The kids are great-they have so few inhibitions and are always willing to take risk without any filtered pre conceived ideas. .

Can you describe your art making process?

Hectic! I always have music on in the studio, and work predominantly throughout the evenings. I have such a diverse range of materials at hand and will try and incorporate whichever seems to work at the time; this could be inks, paint, charcoal, photographs, various oils and chemicals, and of course my 80/90’s Letraset which is an old school graphic design letter and numbering set. For the most part I have very little planning in the way I work, as usually it all begins to filter through once I have started, and at times creating its own experimental chaos, which I grasp using it as a spring board for more chaos.

What happens when you get artists block?

I’ve actually experienced a long block of late. I’m coming out of it now, which is great. I usually work at full pace for long periods until I am extremely exhausted. I have learnt that working full steam ahead at times can be a positive and negative, and It’s good to take a break and reset. To be honest, I’m never really absent from the art making process, as when the making ceases, and the creativity seems to fade, I usually start the process with random journal writing ideas, drawings, text and concepts that usually come to light throughout the day, evening and whilst I sleep.

Why do you choose to work on a large scale?

For the sheer power! My artworks are extremely detailed with many complex layers and messaging that seem to lose strength if they are scaled down.

All This Will One Day Fall  solo exhibition Adelaide Fringe Festival 2016

All This Will One Day Fall solo exhibition Adelaide Fringe Festival 2016

What would be the ideal future for you and your art?

Ahh…, well the future has its own agenda so who knows as to what it holds but firstly, being  able to continue the journey of further developing my skills and knowledge, and second, of course one day owning my own live-in studio to continue my hermit ways.


Night of no home  Micro hand layered film slide photpgraph

Night of no home Micro hand layered film slide photpgraph


Education – Qualifications


2008                    Graduate Diploma in Education

                                University of South Australia

2005                       Bachelor of Visual Communication

                                University of South Australia

2000                       Bachelor of Visual Arts

                             University of South Australia