Hand Stitched Digital print
100 x 70 cm (W x H)
Bonnie Hanlon

Bonnie Hanlon’s latest embroidered watercolour series sees her explore musings on cosmology and biochemistry, these works aim to highlight our tiny but incredibly significant place in the universe. Hanlon’s work operates under the premise that whether or not there is life in the universe beyond Earth, that fact that the elements coalesced in the ways that they did and that we exist at all is simply astounding.

This collection of work explores the origins of life in the universe, in terms of the physics and chemical chance that was the catalyst for the world around us, the world that spawned us and only exists because of the chemical reactions of dying stars.

Each work illustrates (some of) the elements crucial to life on Earth, depicted in the context of their own origin; a dying star, collapsing under its own gravity and releasing ever heavier and more complex elements out in to space, now free to regroup and bond and grow in to planets and new stars, before the process begins anew.

Each work in this series is a unique composition of stars with carefully placed points of light that form diagrammatic constellations depicting the elements essential to life, each element-constellation is hand stitched in to the composition and creates an interesting juxtaposition of scale with the subatomic placed against the cosmic. The ‘constellations’ are orbital diagrams of the elements that also read as diagrams of solar systems, highlighting the symmetry of the macro- and the microcosm

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