Garlic from BOUNTIFUL HARVEST Series

Garlic from BOUNTIFUL HARVEST Series


Framed Edition 1 of 5 Type C print
67 x 100 cm
Jeff Moorfoot

'Bountiful Harvest' is  a subset of a much larger body of work titled 'Legumes Morts' literally dead vegetables, an ongoing project making  still life images of  vegetable and plant matter, sourced mainly from my garden.  This body of work was made while in a residency at Manning Clark House, Canberra, In 2012.  The elements all came from the garden at MCH. The images were made with a flatbed scanner rather than a camera. The process contemporises  a process that harks back to the earliest days of photography – the photogram.

 The images are decorative by nature, and pay homage to the design process based on simplification and elegance and make use of the limited depth of field and the beautiful quality of rapid light fall off inherent in the scanning process. The 5 x 4 film rebate was added in post production to add a  deliberate degree of mystification to the viewer so as to encourage a deeper examination of the work than might be normally expected.

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