Ranunculus #02

Ranunculus #02


Type C print on Satin photo paper. Archival hand applied varnish      60 x 50 cm (W x H)
Anthony Scibelli

Deflowered began as photographic edition of 66 photographs that were made in the Wombat State Forest, Victoria Australia.

A Wikipedia entry for The Wombat State Forest lists it as a Ruined Forest. 

And in some sections remains a no-mans land of gold mining and illegal timber cutting.

Endowed with flora and fauna, the artist uses wildflowers he finds around his studio. Species are identified, introduced to somewhat fecund studio and photographed.

Exotic species are inexpertly planted in makeshift beds and pots by the artist and then left to their own fates, generally photographic also. 

A shadowy alchemy unfolds as specimens are brought into the photo set, where things gradually evolve in the spectral light of his studio.

Anthony Scibelli is living and working in the Wombat State Forest in Wheatsheaf, which is near Daylesford Victoria.

His work has been exhibited in New York City and Melbourne.  Albany and Bridge Hampton New York, Santa Fe New Mexico, Rome and Positano Italy.  This work was on view in Daylesford at Bokeh Gallery in Howe Street. Galleries in Robe, Kyneton, Trentham and Port Fairy have given Anthony the chance to show selections of this work.

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