Sahara Deep

Sahara Deep


76.2 x 50.8 (W x H)

Archival Inkjet on Cotton Rag

Edition 2/10

"When I was travelling in Morocco, I mentioned to a friend that I love the book “The Sheltering Sky” by Paul Bowles. In it he talks about who is a traveler and who is a tourist. I have traveled often, so I love that concept. My friend reminded me that The Sheltering Sky was set in Morocco, so the book and much of the beautiful literary phrasing of Paul Bowles was in my mind when I took the photos and later created the artworks".

-Elaine Batton 2017

Elaine's works celebrate beauty and colour.  Whilst contemporary art often explores diverse concepts, messages and approaches, this work gives a voice to beauty and seeks to ensure that the art of beauty in fine art and nature continues to be explored.

Fine art photography in a painterly style. Works which celebrates the colour and beauty of nature (portraiture, nature and abstract landscapes) in a unique and vibrant style. Elaine's work has been influenced by nature, colour and paintings from impressionist, renaissance art through to contemporary painterly influences.

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