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Make a (big) impression

Mondo is a full-service group that facilitates orginal artworks by Australian artists at the forefront of contemporary life. With a focus on large, awe-inspiring works for public and private spaces.

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MONDO Art is an online art consultancy that works with designers, developers and collectors, globally. Mondo is Australia’s first and only online gallery specialising in original paintings, photographs and editioned prints that are large scale.

MONDO Artists are carefully chosen on the geniousness of their work by people who have amassed experience in the art world. This ensures that all projects are curated with the necessary cultural knowledge behind the art and the connection to the space.

MONDO's mission is to give the incredible art of today maximum exposure through both public and private spaces. We support artists at any stage in their career-resulting in a cross section of affordability for a diverse range of clients.


Other services

Based in Melbourne, we offer a range of services for commercial, corporate and private buyers across Australia and the world. These include:


Our trained art consultants can help you choose the artwork to enhance your company culture or  home environment.

Art rentals

Want to try before you buy? You can rent out any of the large artworks in our collection.


We can help you arrange the right framing option for your project.


Most of our artists can be commissioned to create you a completely individual work.

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Looking for big art?

We have a range of large and original paintings by Australian artists that are perfect for your space.

see our art on your wall

Can't decide? See what our artworks look like on your walls before you buy using the fantastic iArtView app.

Why buy art online?

Not sure whether you should buy art online? Here are five reasons why buying online is a great idea.

Life without art can be dull.
Life without inquiry is dull, too.